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Kiteboarding Bellingham


In my previous post I gave you a few very compelling reasons why kiteboarding lessons are worth taking. To take kiteboarding lessons or not is a question that pops up all the time. The fact of the matter is there is no question. Kiteboarding lessons are a must.

Though safety is one of the most important reasons, your progression is another one. Why take months to learn kiteboarding when you can be up and riding in as quick as a few hours? When taking kiteboarding lessons, the instructor will not only teach you how to kiteboard, but will give you the principles that will help you get riding much faster. You can either learn to kiteboard slowly or learn to kitesurf quickly.

Just like many people I thought I could learn how to kiteboard by reading my kite's manual or watching Youtube videos. Believe me, no book or site can replace one on one instruction. The internet or magazines won’t provide the same level of engagement as actual kiteboarding lessons. To effectively learn to kitesurf, you will need more physical practice than you will reading or watching video.

Don't get me wrong, there a few things that you could learn on your own. Like flying your trainer kite, or rigging your own gear. But when it comes to kiteboarding it's important to learn in SAFE conditions. Learning how to kiteboard is a lot more fun when you are safe.

Safety and progression were my two major goals when I took my class with Bellingham Kiteboarding. I wanted to : 1 - overcome my fear of the Columbia River accident; 2 - learn/practice more how to launch/relaunch/fly the kite; 3 - pop up on the board. Withing 4 hours I manage to accomplish every goal on my list !


When it comes to kiteboarding lessons, often , the price is a major deal breaker. But I think that, first, $300 is not worth dying for, and second, money is not an object...

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