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Raft Surfing On The Wenatchee River, Leavenworth

Been planning to attend the annual Riverfest ( the Pacific Northwest's largest river and white water festival to raise awareness about river conservation, access and safety issues in the Pacific Northwest ) for the past two/three years.

But since now I go rafting may be once/twice per summer, I can't really justify spending 2.5 hour drive just to take pictures of other people having fun :(

I think Rodeo Hole Surf Competiton is the highlight of the festival, and a lot of fun !
Before the competition had only raft and kayak surfing. But recently, the event started to include a wider range of water crafts ( boogie/river boards, surfboards and SUPs )...

Even if you're "not into whitewater rafting/kayaking" or any water sports, it's fun just to watch this friendly competition, or just wonder around Riverside Park in Cashmere to tap into the paddlesport culture.

Below is a clip provided by Icicle TV to highlight the best moments:

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