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Canoe Camping On Little Kachess Lake

How do you introduce your kids to camping ?

I wanted to make sure that my son's first time would be as comfortable, and as much fun as possible. That's why I decided to go with cabin camping at KOA in Leavenworth. My son absolutely loved it ( despite of coming back home with a permanent scar from his "biking accident" ), and couldn't stop talking about going back and doing it again.

This time I wanted to introduce him to "real camping" - a.k.a "sleeping under the stars"...well, minus the stars...good old "tent camping".

Every time I introduce my son to a new outdoor activity, one thing I absolutely must do is to make sure that  he's having fun...

With abundance of things to do in Leavenworth this wasn't a problem. But what do you do on a "regular camping trip" ? Campfire, BBQ, S'mores, may be a short hike ? And that's where the location played a big part...
Set in dense old-growth conifer forest and surrounded by high mountains, Kachess Campground is considered one of the most beautiful sites in the Cle Elum Ranger District. Link
One of the perks of selling used outdoor gear is that you actually get to try it ! Canoes are a very popular product, and this summer I sold dozens of them. I had just one left, and I decided to give canoe camping a try!

The location couldn't be more beautiful ! We were lucky to get a camp site ( on Labor Day weekend !) close to the beach. The campground was also a perfect base camp. We loaded our canoe with gear and food, and went for a day long exploration of the lake.

Kachess Lake is actually a reservoir and stores and provides water for irrigation for south-central Washington.
The surrounding undeveloped wilderness, clean streams and diverse forests support an abundance of wildlife, including deer, porcupine, native fish and migratory birds. Endangered and threatened species, including the Northern Bald Eagle, the Northern Spotted Owl, gray wolves and grizzly bears, also find havens in nearby ecosystems.
During summer, "lake traffic" can be pretty "heavy" - lot's of boaters and jet skis who have very little consideration for "anybody without a motor". But other than that it was a perfect adventure !

It was the first time I got a chance to paddle a canoe, and I have to admit, canoeing is my new love !  I think I'm gonna keep this canoe, and plan a few more outings.

As usual, I planned everything at the last minute. As it turned out the area has a few nice hiking and mountain biking trails, and as I was told later, you can rent a jet ski, boat or even a house boat from a local company.

Also, in winter, this area is popular among cross country/touring skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobilers,
So I guess, it wasn't our last time at Little Kachess Lake...

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