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Hiking/Backpacking The Enchantments, WA :Take A Vertial Tour

The Enchantments area of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness includes craggy peaks and ridges, deep glacial valleys, granite walls and forests that are picture perfect and ready to enchant visitors — especially in autumn.

Trips into the Enchantment Wilderness Area can range from overnight to multiple days. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this unique area, all overnight campers must obtain a permit if visiting from June 15 through October 15.

Another reason of  the overwhelming popularity of this area is its proximity to Leavenworth, an adventurers’ delight for nature lovers, backpackers, mountaineers, hikers, and photographers.

Being a frequent visitor  to Leavenworth there was no way I would miss an opportunity to visit this so-much-heard-about Nature's Beauty...

I did my first overnight backpacking trip to the Enchantments a few years ago. Knowing about the permit requirements, I set out on my trip early in the summer. My original destination was the Colchuck Lake,  but past Lake Vivien, I had to turn back due to excessive snow on the trail.

Many people prefer visiting the Enchantments in the fall, when the larch trees turn yellow and create a very unique scene in the basin. So, may be next time I'll plan the trip around that time.

Below, check out an amazing video that takes you deep in this magical fairy tale :

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