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Our Amazing World - 20 Places You'd Rather See With Your Own Eyes

"The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page" ~ St. Augustine

                                                       Ta Prohm Temple - Cambodia

                                                                  Mt Huashan, China

The Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore

                                                               Blue lagoon in Iceland

Senegal's Lake Retba
Grand Canal, Venice
The Krubera Cave
Japan’s hidden tropical island: Aogashima
Batu Caves
 Hanging infinity pools in the Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali
Heaven's Gate, China
Elephant Foot Glacier-An astonishing geographical location on the east coast of Greenland
Cape Point, South Africa Where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet.

                                                                 Lake Baikal, Russia

 Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa
Popocatepetl Volcano Mexico
Queensland, Australia

                                                         Castle Swallow's Nest, Ukraine

Japan, Yokohama-City and Mt.-Fuji

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