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10 Amazing Places Around The World To Go Ziplining

Don't know about you, but for me, zip-lining is boring. As my favorite TV show characters said : " It was like having the life sucked out of you. That's all it is, sliding down a cable." ( check out the video here, it's hilarious ! ).

Personally, I don't consider zip lining an extreme sport or even an outdoor activity. It's more like a touristy thing to do while visiting a new place. This way, zip lining is a great way to learn about the place you're visiting, while taking in all the beautiful views around you ( and let's face it, a healthy doze of adrenaline hasn't killed anyone yet :)).

My first time trying out zip-lining ( or zip-trekking as they call it in Whistler, BC ) was pretty amazing ! The activity itself ( and being in a tourist group ) did suck the life out of me, but the scenery around was jaw-dropping !

So next time you're traveling and visiting a new place, give zip-lining another chance. It will still suck, but I guarantee  the views will be different !

Below, check out some of the most amazing pictures of places to go zip-lining around the world :

                                                    Grouse Mountain Vancouver, BC

                                                      Bootleg Canyon zip line, Las Vegas

                                                           Grindelwald, Switzerland

                                                            Dragon’s Breath Zip Line, Haiti

                                                        Ziplining Quintana Roo, Mexico

                                                             Ziplining in New Zealand

                                                                 Zip-lining Costa Rica

                                           Ziplining past Mt Mayon in Philippines

                                                                          Maui, Hawaii

                                                                       Juneau, Alaska

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Annemarie said...

To me, ziplining is so much fun. It is exhilarating (but then again, I am a wuss and would never do anything that's even remotely connected to extreme active sports) and it gives you amazing views and a good speed. I loved ziplining through the Costa Rican cloud forests and suddenly bursting into full sunlight. And the ziplining in Rotorua, New Zealand, was very educational and the forest stunning. I agree with you, it's a great way to learn more about an area.