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Snowskating For Dummies

Is it a skateboard? Is it a snowboard? No, it's a snow skate! The Daily's Jenn Sterger introduces us to a new winter sport that's taking the mountains by storm.

The video above covers just one style of snowskating - bi-level snowskating.

In this post, I wrote about the difference between snowdecks and bi-level snowskates. 

Nowadays, more and more companies jump on this growing popularity winter sport.
While most bi-level snowskates ( like this Landyachtz Snowskate )
 are still relatively expensive, you can still find a great deal on last year models on Craigslist or eBay.

This winter I finally upgraded from my Artec short bi-level snowskate to a longer and wider, and more comfortable Gnu brand.

It's easier to ride, has more flex like a snowboard, and doesn't get stuck in deep snow.

With longer deck and the snowblade ( ski ) , the board provides excellent edge control in icy conditions. Both the deck and the ski use vertically laminated wood cores to give you tons of pop, and Bent Metal gives this ride a feel just like your snowboard.

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