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Snowskating Ski Hill In Leavenworth, WA

As you might know , Leavenworth is one of best adventure travel destinations in Washington state all year round ! But I'd say that winter time is my all-time favorite to visit this little adventure hub.

While many people flock to this Bavarian theme town to see holiday lights, enjoy beautiful scenery, and try (somewhat ) "authentic" Bavarian food, others come here for outdoor adventures and activities.  And Leavenworth has a lot to offer !
As I previously wrote, Leavenworth has a long and rich winter sports heritage. And skiing remains the oldest, and probably the most popular winter activity in Leavenworth. 

With Stevens Pass to the west, Mission Ridge to the east, located in the middle, Leavenworth is a great little hub to explore, and compare these two popular ski areas in Washington state.

But if you want to carve a few turns, get a quick outdoor workout, or have tons of fun with your family, you won't even have to leave the town !

Less than 2 miles from downtown, the Leavenworth Ski Hill offers downhill skiing and snowboarding, tubing, miles of groomed trails for cross country, snowshoeing, and fat biking, and, if you're adventurous ( or crazy ) enough, the only ski jumping tower on the West Coast of the U.S.!

This little hill is especially memorable for me. 
More than 8 years ago, at this very place I was learning snowboarding. I couldn't even imagine that years later, coming to Leavenworth, and skiing here would become our family tradition.

My son has been skiing for a couple years, and just started snowboarding, and the Ski Hill was a perfect place to hone his skills. 

Though the Ski Hill is closed after 5 pm ( no rope tow or tubing operations ), one can still enjoy the area after hours. The free parking is abundant, the night lights are on, and the most important - fewer people !

We took our snowskates to get a few runs down this little "mountain". 
The hill is not very steep, which makes it easy to hike up, broad enough to carve wide turns, and as I mentioned above, after hours less crowded which allows you to fully enjoy your time on this slope.

Proximity to downtown makes it a great place for a quick outdoor workout to burn some calories just so you can go back to enjoy that well deserved ( questionable authentic ) Bavarian cuisine.

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