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Visit The Largest Hot Springs In The World - Glenwood Hot Springs In Colorado

When it comes to travel, whether you like roughing it up, or pampering yourself, there is nothing that makes you feel better, physically, mentally, or emotionally, than a long soak in hot mineral spring. Your aches and pains fade away along with your stress and cares. Your skin and hair look radiant and vibrant. Your spirit becomes more vital.

Mother Earth heats the water then gently infuses it with mineral rich nutrients. All you have to do is slip in. And in Colorado there are plenty of hot springs to do just that !

While many Colorado hot springs come in a variety of styles and with a plethora of amenities, there is one place that I would definitely recommend to add to your Bucket List - Glenwood Hot Springs.

The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is famous for being the largest in the world at more than two blocks long. Beyond its magnificent size, the waters of the Hot Springs pool have 15 minerals that have long been known for their healing powers since Glenwood Springs was settled in the 1800s. The soothing waters have attracted the likes of Al Capone, Titanic survivor Molly Brown and President Theodore Roosevelt, but even before that, the Ute Indians made yearly pilgrimages to the springs which they considered to be sacred.

Surrounded by striking mountain peaks, the spring that fills the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool still delivers three and a half million gallons of hot water every day. The pool waters are about 90 degrees to 93 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees to 34 degrees Celsius) in the larger pool. There is also a smaller therapy pool, similar to an oversized hot tub, which is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) year round.

Swimming, soaking and playing in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is an iconic Glenwood Springs experience. Where else can you swim the length of a football field in water that’s as warm as bath?

Proximity to such major ski resorts as Vail and Aspen, makes Glenwood Springs a perfect adventure base ! 

Tip: Comparing to Vail and Aspen, accommodations in Glenwood Springs are way cheaper ! I found a nice hotel room , right in downtown, close to the hot springs for just $60 a night !

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a quick soak after skiing or a family trip with the kids, Glewood Hot Springs is a perfect place to get your soak on !

Open from 9am till 10 pm, you can enjoy a relaxing dip in the evening, or come with the whole family for kids to ride the water slides while you immerse yourself in the bubble chairs in the therapy pool. 

It's absolutely amazing to swim outdoors when there’s a blanket of snow covering the ground. And the views around you are stunning !

Tip: I'd also recommend to visit the Yampah Spa Vapor Caves just a few feet away from the hot springs. 

One of Glenwood Springs’ most unusual attractions is also one of its most historic. The underground vapor-filled caverns at the Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves were originally used by the Ute Indians for both healing and rituals. The Yampah Vapor Caves are one of only a few known natural vapor caves in North America. Deep underground mineral-rich steam from the Yampah spring, the same source that barrels water into the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, seeps into three subterranean chambers and fills them with hot steam.

Visitors descend a staircase and go through several partitions before entering the caverns. The dim lights are conducive to relaxing, but at the same time provide enough wattage to allow visitors to safely navigate the underground space. Each of the three “rooms” is lined with marble benches where guests can relax and inhale the healing vapors. Temperatures range from 110 – 112 degrees Fahrenheit. A water spigot and buckets are never far away and guests are encouraged to use them to cool off.

Guests are advised to use the caves in 10 – 12 minute intervals with cooling breaks in between. When you’re ready to resurface, you can relax in the facility’s solarium room.

Both the Glenwood Hot Springs and the Yampah Spa Vapor Cave are located within just 10 minutes from I-70. So, even if you're just passing by, and have just a couple hours, it's very convenient to visit these two amazing attractions !

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