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Don't Choose Paddleboarding Vs. Land Paddling, Cross-Train !

In my previous post I wrote how much easier, cheaper, and more convenient land paddling comparing to SUP/paddleboarding was. By now means I suggested that one was better than the other. As ExtraHyperActive I love them both !

As a matter of fact, I suggest you combine both of them. It’s amazing how much the two sports parallel each other.

Both are great workouts that take your mind away from stress and worries. Both allow you to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Both offer the feeling of exceptionalism, and the sense of belonging.

Living in  Seattle, and being surrounded by water, allows me to quickly switch from my SUP to my longboard. Within an hour I can switch from catching freighter waves in Seattle, to bombing hills in Federal Way , or going on a long land paddling journey on one of many local biking trails.

On a nice summer day, I love going land paddling along Alki Beach in Seattle to break some serious sweat, followed by a leisure paddle along the shore with a quick deep in cool waters of Puget Sound.

I also take both my SUP and my longboard whenever I go on a road trip. My ( inflatable ) paddleboard allows me to explore those hard to reach mountain lakes, while land paddling is a great way to go sightseeing around town.

Whenever I hit the coast, and the surf is flat, I go land paddling to kill some time instead of sitting and waiting on the beach. And when I go camping, my SUP is a great way to paddle around a lake, and do some fishing.

As you can see, both paddleboarding and land paddling are great substitutes for each other ! I'd say both are great tools for adventure travelers, and fitness buffs alike !

To learn more about Land Paddling, check out our new site - www.seattlelandpaddling.com or click  "Land Paddling"  to read more posts.

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Photo credit - Alan Taylor, team rider for Starboard SUP UK, and Land Paddle UK ( www.supnorth.co )

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Unknown said...

This a great article and exactly why I love 2 both sports. I can paddleboard year round now and enjoy nature. It is a great workout that u don't even realize because it is that much fun.