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Snow Wakeskating In Bosnia

Check out this amazing video of one of crazy Red Bull sponsored athletes Brian Grubb shredding the waters ( and occasional snow ) of the Studeni Potok (translation: 'Icy Creek').

Located in the mountain of Bjelasnica, 25km from Sarajevo and former host to the Winter Olympics, the Studeni Potok is known to the locals as the 'Dragon's Tail', supposedly left in the ground as a mythical beast lumbered toward a nearby village.

This snow-top wakeskate sesh in the middle of a Bosnian winter may be one of the most unexpected locations for wakeskating, ever. "We wanted to take wakeskating somewhere new. Get it out of the summer environment, and put it somewhere unexpected.”says Brian Grubb.

Te scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and wakeskating on snow is a whole new meaning to 'free-heeling' with this binding-less, winch-powered shred over water and snow.

Could you also shred this line on a snowboard? “Definitely,” says Grubb. “But it's about finding new ways to ride in the snow – right now, there's a big movement towards binding-less snowboarding ( he means snowskating ). And we wanted to take wakeskating out of its summer element, and showcase it somewhere new. Doing it in the winter gave it a totally different look.”

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