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Kite Landboarding At Grayland, Wa

Till recently, wind-powered vehicles ( buggies, land sailboards, mountain boards... ) were perceived as a threat to public safety and important wildlife habitat, and were not allowed on Washington Ocean Beaches. But on March 26, 2015 the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission approved the use of wind-powered vehicles on portions of Parks-managed ocean beaches.

Now wind-powered vehicle enthusiasts can enjoy flying their kites in specific locations on Washington’s beaches.

South Beach area near Grayland is one of these locations.

Grayland is located about 10 minutes away from Westpot, the surfing mecca of Washington state. Laid-back beach atmosphere combined with great surfing, and consistent wind suitable for kiteboarding, landboarding or land sailing make Westport/Grayland a perfect weekend destination.

Grayland is a popular summertime spot for fishing, clam digging, camping, horseback riding and now kite flying. The area is home to Grayland Beach State Park,  a 412-acre, year-round, marine camping park with 7,449-feet of spectacular ocean frontage, just south of the Town of Grayland. My personal favorite thing about camping at Grayland Beach State Park -  it's one of few campgrounds that offer yurt camping !

And now when wind-powered vehicles are allowed on portions of Grayland's beach, it will be a great destination for all types of wind-powered vehicles. 

Grayland is a perfect destination for kite landboarding : the beach is easily accessible, you can drive for miles on it, it's rarely crowded, and you can always rely on consistent wind ! This is the kind of place for which kites are made !

With on-shore West wind blowing straight onto the beach, you can ride along the beach for miles ! Even with North or South winds blowing perpendicular to the beach, you still have enough space to ride on a wide flat packed sand all the way to the ocean.

The only drawback - since you can ride on the beach, you'll need to watch out for cars. But because landboarding is still relatively new here, drivers give you plenty of space.

Since I started landboarding a year ago, Westport/Grayland area has become my favorite for surfing, kiting, and camping year round !

                         Kite landboarding is easy, safe, and a ton of fun ! See it for yourself :

If you're interested in learning landboarding, or want to give surfing or SUP surfing a try, check out our site - Seattle Kite, Surf, Paddle

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