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Slidewaters Waterpark & Water Slides in Sunny Lake Chelan, WA

Lake Chelan Waterpark and Water Slides is a small, but full of fun waterpark for all ages located just 5 minutes away from Lake Chelan downtown.

Located on the banks above beautiful Lake Chelan, the park is an amazing place to have family fun while enjoying the breathtaking views of the majestic Lake Chelan in the background !

Slidewaters Waterpark & Water Slides in Lake Chelan, WA

TIP: The place itself is not that big... so try to get there early in the morning to beat the heat, and the crowds. Parking can also become an issue on during crowded weekends, and holidays.

Coming early in the morning will also guarantee a spot/lounge chair inside the park.

TIP : Another option is to come in the afternoon... the crowds starts fading away, AND the tickets get cheaper !

But even for the full day entry the prices ( for this touristy place ) are quite reasonable ( FREE parking !! unlike Wild Waves in Federal Way - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7GKZrHdHU8&t=119s )

TIP : Also, unlike Wild Waves, you're allowed to bring your own food & water ( do bring a lot of water ! it's so hot in the summer !! ).

The park allows soft shoulder size coolers in the park ( but the do check your bags/coolers for alcohol which is not allowed in the park ). Plus, they allow all day re-admittance in case you want to leave the park to grab a bite to eat some place else.

Food Tip : they serve amazing shaved ice ! and it's only $3 a bowl !

Keep in mind, it's a WATER PARK, so unlike Wild Waves, there are only... water slides, and no rides.

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