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How To Become an Amazon Influencer, And Make Money Promoting Their Products

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Amazon influencer program is a great way for beginner social media influencers make easy money online with their social media profiles !

ExtraHyperActive Amazon Influencer Page

Amazon influencer program allows anybody with a qualifying YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account create their own storefront. Social media influencers can get their own page on Amazon—with a custom URL (!)—and use it to recommend thousands of products, and make affiliate commission !

In the video below I share :

  • what exactly Amazon influencer program is
  • how it's different from Amazon affiliate program
  • which social media channels qualify for Amazon influencer program
  • how one can become an Amazon influencer
  • examples of Amazon influencer pages
You can see which products I personally promote on my own Amazon influencer page here...

Amazon is paying influencers big commissions to sell its products, and it's open to anyone.


There is a reason it's called influencer marketing...

Without at least the basic knowledge of ( online ) business, and marketing it's almost impossible to make any (decent) money with Amazon influencer program ( or in any business in general ).

Another reason most social media influencers don't make money with Amazon is because they don't have a strong personal brand. And as a result - they can't really influence anybody.

Having a big social media following doesn't automatically make somebody an influencer.

On top of that, both business and marketing are constantly changing, and evolving. 
If before, pretty much anybody cold make money from Instagram "shoutouts", nowadays, most social media influencers get paid based on delivered results ( traffic, leads, sales, created content...).

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Share This Post For Your Chance To Win $1- $2k Amazon Gift Card !!

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