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How To Make Money With Outdoorsy Affiliate Program

Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects RV owners with other campers like them who want to experience RVing without ownership. And the Outdoorsy affiliate program allows its participants to make $100+ for every referral by referring both -RV owners and renters !

Outdoorsy Affiliate Program
Photo credit - Outdoorsy.com

Whether you're already an RV owner, or just thinking about "RV lifestyle", if you have a website or a blog ( preferably ) dedicated to RV-ing, adventure travel, or camping,  participating in the Outdoorsy affiliate program can create an additional passive income !


Outdoorsy doesn't just offer RVs for rent... They have a huge selection of recreational vehicles/RV types : class A, B, C, camper vans, travel trailers, truck campers, fifth wheel, toy haulers, utility trailers, and more !


The Outdoorsy affiliate program would better work for somebody who's really into "RV lifestyle/Vanlife".

If your blog is about camping, or just "general travel", chances are, this affiliate program will NOT work for you.

In order to better help RV owners, and renters to learn more about how Outdoorsy marketplace works, it's a good idea to have your own personal experience first.

My advice, before applying to the program, go ahead, and rent one of their vehicles !

Not only will you create an amazing camping experience, but you'll also learn all the pros and cons of renting from Outdoorsy.

And even though, over the last few years, Outdoorsy has become one of the largest and most trusted peer-to-peer RV marketplace, you'll build more credibility as an affiliate if you've personally rented from Outdoorsy.

How Does the Outdoorsy Affiliate Program Works :

Even though Outdoorsy doesn't have their own affiliate program, they are a part of two major affiliate networks : AvantLink and CJ ( Commission Junction ).

Both of those affiliate platforms have their own pros and cons...

From my personal experience, I recommend going with CJ ( Commission Junction ) simply because it's easier to join BUT you'll still have to be approved by Outdoorsy.

If you have a niche specific blog/website with an outstanding amount of traffic ( I'd say minimum 10K unique visitors per month ), you might have a chance being approved by AvantLink... 

As soon as you’re approved by either network, you will get access to Outdoorsy banners, creatives, and a dedicated affiliate manager.

In my personal opinion, Outdoorsy affiliate program is one of few programs that offers decent affiliate payouts ( $100 per referral with 30 day cookie time ! ).

For more information about Outdoorsy affiliate program terms and conditions, visit their website ( and make sure you read everything carefully ! ).

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