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How To Make $1K an Hour As A Personal Trainer

 How To Make $1K an Hour As A Personal Trainer

There’s a new fitness studio in New York City where people can box and booze with their sweaty class-goers and trainers — and pay for the privilege in cryptocurrency.

Motivational speaker and entrepreneur Tony Robbins has teamed up with musician Pitbull and founder of adult education company The Learning Annex, Bill Zanker, to launch a new boxing fitness chain.

GRIT BXNG  hired world class, passionate, inspirational trainers with great energy, and is paying them $1,000 per hour.

According to Zanker : "By working with the best trainers in the world at our new state-of-the-art facility, GRIT BXNG will be able to provide our clients with the 'wow' transformational experience they've been seeking in fitness."

The GRIT BXNG concept will deliver high intensity, group fitness classes, with the boxing discipline at its core, led by instructors that are trained in GRIT BXNG's unique curriculum. Instructors will lead their classes from stage in front of a giant video wall displaying the workout, music videos and motivational content. Heavy emphasis will be placed on fast-paced, motivationally-driven classes in a three-module studio with treadmills, punching bags, and benches.

In addition to this record-breaking industry hourly wage, the GRIT BXNG app will allow clients to provide a star rating for their class instructor - and pay tips just like the UBER app.

"Parents often tell their children to become doctors or lawyers," said Bill Zanker, Founder of GRIT BXNG. "But now parents will encourage their children to become fitness pros. At $1000 an hour, they will make more than the best Wall Street lawyers. Trainers are the new superstars of today."

Do YOU believe you're a superstar ? Do YOU believe you deserve to make $1K an hour ?

Because most trainers DON'T...

Being passionate about fitness, and helping others is not enough today...

Learning about business, and marketing, building your personal brand, and making the right connections will help you turn your passion into a profitable business/career !

9 trainers that GRIT hired have been on covers of magazines, modeled for the hottest agencies, and trained the biggest celebrities. They are rockstars in the world of fitness.

What is YOUR biggest achievement/accomplishment ? How "popular" are you ? Who is in your network ?

If you're passionate about health & fitness, but still new to business, and marketing, if you're struggling to clearly define your marketing niche, and build your personal brand, - join ExtraHyperActive Network !

Hopefully, you understand that there is no such thing as "overnight success", and those 9 trainers got picked b/c they'd spent a tremendous amount of time, effort and money to be where they're now.

But at least now, you know that it's possible to make $1K as a personal trainer !

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