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How To Prepare Your Business For The Greatest Depression 2020

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Are you a small business owner/entrepreneur whose business got affected by “coronavirus” ( “COVID-19” ) ?

Think you’re going back to doing “business as usual” after the “pandemic restrictions” get lifted/removed then you’re being over optimistic ( to say the least ! )…

As of today ( May 2020 ) we live in the country with NO ECONOMY !

The stock market is rigged…

The government is corrupt…

And NOBODY is coming to save YOU or your business !

For many intelligent people it’s become obvious by now that “COVID-19” was a planned event, and the biggest “wealth transfer” in the history !

But 2020 is just THE BEGINNING !!

We’ll have a short break before the “ruling elite” decides to move into the 2nd act of their plan ( hyperinflation, food shortage, famine, global depopulation, and one world “digital currency” )…

While it’s still not too late, take preventive steps to protect your business, and to ensure its growth ( or at least sustainability )…

Watch the video where I share some of the steps I’ve been taking since the Great Recession of 2008 to maintain my financial independence…

Have something to add/share that would help oher small business owners/entrepreneurs ?

Feel free to comment below, or get in touch to be featured on our channel !

How To Make Money Shopping On Amazon

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How To Make Money Shopping On Amazon

Make money from Amazon whenever you buy anything though your own FREE Amazon sales page !

You already know that you can make affiliate commission promoting/selling products through Amazon affiliate or influencer programs...

But in April 2020, Amazon decided to slash its affiliate rates in certain categories which would make it extremely hard ( if not impossible ! ) to make decent money ( especially for beginners !! )  😡


How YOU Can Still Make Money After Amazon Cuts Affiliate Commission

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Beginning April 21st, Amazon will slash affiliate commission rates for both- their affiliate and influencer programs ! It's clear that Amazon is tightening up its affiliate marketing program in a way that will help it retain a larger portion of referral sales 💰 💰💰 Is it still worth your time and effort promoting Amazon products ? Absolutely ! ONLY IF... You know HOW to take advantage of Amazon !

Watch the video to learn how :

Want to get your own Amazon sales page that will allow YOU to make money as an affiliate/influencer, as well as when YOU buy ANYTHING on Amazon ?

3 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners In 2020

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While there are a lot of affiliate marketing programs online, many of them are hard to join, have limited number of brands to work with, have low commission rate, horrible affiliate tracking software, incompetent affiliate managers, and often scam their affiliate by not paying hard earned commission using some B.S. excuse.... 

If you're are looking for the best ( and by "best" I mean - trusted, reliable, profitable, easy to join for beginners ), affiliate marketing programs in 2020, I've summed it up to only 3...

Why ?

Watch the video below :

1 - Amazon

The Amazon Associates program is often viewed as being an ideal affiliate program for beginners, but only for beginners. That doesn’t stop a number of super affiliates earning 6-figures per month as an affiliate for Amazon.

You do have to work with their varying commission rates though.

The flipside of that is that Amazon has tens of millions of different products in stock at any one time, so you’re more likely to make a sale.

So they’re still one of the best affiliate programs out there – they have more punching power than almost any of the affiliate networks.
URL: Amazon Associates program
Commission: 4% - 10% depending on a category
Cookie: 24 hours
Payout Threshold : $10

2 - Walmart

Unlike Amazon, Walmart doesn't have their own affiliate platform... Instead, they outsource their affiliate needs to Rakuten affiliate platform... Which means - you'll first have to join Rakuten, and then apply to become a Walmart affiliate...

This affiliate program will allow you to earn commissions on any purchases made by online traffic you send to the Walmart.com website.

As you may imagine, they offer thousands of different products in hundreds of different niches – although it may not be as extensive as Amazon – so whatever your niche is, I am sure you will find something to promote from the Walmart affiliate program.

Commission : 1% - 4% depending on $$$ volume 
Cookie : 3 days
Commission Threshold : $50

3 - Costco

Just like Walmart, Costco doesn't have its own affiliate platfrom either... But unlike Walmart, they use CJ ( Commission Junction affiliate platfrom ).

Costco Wholesale is a top retailer and trusted company. It has a robust presence in North America and continues to expand worldwide. Therefore, converting traffic into new members is made easier with Costco’s brand recognition and low prices.


Costco didn't start their affiliate program until...August 2019 (!).... Costco is a top ( "off-line" ) retailer... which means - till recently, they didn't invest into their online presence...

On top of that...

Costco pays a laughable commission rate. Affiliates will earn $3 for standard membership purchases and $6 for higher-priced executive memberships. Those fixed commissions are equivalent to 5 percent of sales. Unlike most retailers that pay commissions on goods sold, Costco doesn’t.

On the good side...

It all will change in 2020 and beyond, as more and more people will be bulk buying online !
Hopefully, eventually, affiliates will be able to make affiliate commission not only on Costco membership, but also on products ( and volume ! ) sold through their online presence !

URL : CJ.com
Commission : $3 flat
Cookie : session based (?)
Commission Threshold: unknown

In conclusion... 

If you're brand new to affiliate marketing, I'd definitely recommend getting started with Amazon !

Why ?

Because it's the easiest to join ( you can do it with a website, blog, or even a social media channel ( Facebook Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ), it's easy to promote ( with links, banners, native ads... ), and it's the EASIEST TO MAKE YOUR FIRST $$$ !

Even if you don't get accepted into the official Amazon affiliate or influencer program, we can help YOU build your own mini website/sales page for absolutely FREE !

Best Way For Complete Beginners To Make Money Online In 2020

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There are different ways to make money online in 2020... and there's a lot of free information about it online...
Unfortunately most of that information is very general, confusing, outdated, and straight up useless...

That's why it's so easy for beginners, who're looking for practical, actionable information about how to make money online, to get discouraged...

If you're looking for the best way ( and by "best" we mean - easy, FREE, and foolproof ! ) to make money online, watch the video below :


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