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My adventures in Russia-Part I (Moscow )

Though this site is suppose to be about Washington state and its outdoor activities (and sights) , once in a while its good to get out of the state to see other places.This month I went back home to Russia.

The Red Square

Nowadays when the iron curtain is down and there is no more "communist threat", more and more Americans can travel to this mysterious and unknown country. For most, their journey starts in Moscow. I won't write too much about my stay in Moscow. Today you can find lots of travel information about any place in the world. I will just share my insights about this town. 

Moscow is a big, ugly, messy, but beautiful and , I would even say, spiritual city. Moscow is classic Russia – a mix of nouveaux riches in expensive sports cars and street hustlers looking for wallets. The main attraction ( and some ,may say, the only one ) is ,of course, the Red Square-the Kremlin,Lenin's mausoleum,St Basil's cathedral,Czar-bell,Czar-cannon and many more monuments are all here.To the east is the KGB museum and to the west is the open-air art market along Old Arbat, Moscow's most famous street.Great thing about Moscow attractions- most of them are withing walking distance or a short ride in the world's most beautiful subway ( which is an attraction of its own ). 

The Lenin's mausoleum

The Famous Moscow Metro

Just like any other capitol of the world Moscow can't be seen in one day or even one week. And the best way to see this town ( and what is even more important -to understand it ) is with a native English speaking friend.

You didn't experience Russia, if you didn't experience Russian hospitality. If you stay with a Russian host , chances are , you won't even have to go to a restaurant. Russians will feed you and treat you to ( guess what ?) vodka till you get sick ( and you will get sick- its impolite to refuse treats or gifts in Russia ). 

Oppose to Russian hospitality and generosity, you will get another feeling. 
One of the Russian distinctive characteristics - Russians don't smile a whole lot.That's why sometimes you feel like you being mistreated. Its not quite true. Once a Russian gets to know you a little better ( especially knowing that you are a foreigner), you can become best friends. But it doesn't mean you can trust anybody. The most common crimes in Moscow are not robberies , but street scams. So the best ( and safest ) way to travel around to Russia is if you personally know somebody there.

Many faces of Russia 

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