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My Adventures in Russia- Part II (Kursk )

My next stop was a small provincial town Kursk ( the capital of black earth (chernozem) belt ). Kursk is about 280 miles south of Moscow ( about 8 hours by train ).This town has vary rich historic routs. Archaeology indicates that the site of Kursk was settled in the fourth or fifth century B.C. The first written record of Kursk is dated 1032.Kursk was a key turning point of the Russian-German war during World War II and the site of the largest tank battle in World War II (widely believed by historians to have been the largest tank battle in history).The modern city is a home for several religious attractions : Cathedral of the Sign, Sergievsko-Kazansky Cathedral, Korennaya Pustyn . The Command Station Bunker & Museum was built specifically in memorial of the courageous Russian T-34 tank units that fought in the Battle of Kursk, where a T-34 tank is on display.
The famous T-34

"Katyusha "- just like in that song

The monument to the crew of the "Kursk" nuclear-powered submarine
Even if you are not a history buff, you will feel like you have traveled in time ( sometimes it does feel like civilization hasn't reached certain parts of Russia ).But, besides sightseeing, there isn't much you can do in this town ( unless you consider drinking vodka an activity.(For some Russians it is an activity )). In winter this town does offer some great XC skiing ( feel like skiing when its -30 C ? ) and in summer great camping ( by camping, I mean drinking till you pass out under night stars ( very romantic ).

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