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My Adventures in Russia-Part III (The Western Siberia)

My last stop was my home town Noviy Urengoy. The famous Siberia.The land of snow and exiles.The never ending reservoirs of natural gas and oil. The real Mother Russia.

Novyy Urengoy (New Urengoy), sometimes called the Dallas of Siberia, is located 80 km south of the Arctic Circle near the confluence of the rivers Yevoyakha and Sedeyakha. The winters here last up to 9 months.The average temerature -40 C. The area has frozen ground (permafrost) and tundra.The Nenets and Khants people are an indigenous tribes that have long survived in this region.

The oil and gas industry is the leading economic sector, with a 93% share in total industrial production. More than 90% of Russia's natural gas and 12% of its oil are produced here.

But exploration of the huge oil and gas fields on the Yamal peninsula has damaged reindeer habitat and destroyed fishing, threatening the longstanding self-sufficiency of the Nenets and Khants people, whose traditional occupations have been reindeer raising, fishing, and fur trapping.Till now this people lead the same way of life as their ancestors.

Russia is considered by the World Tourism Organization a country with great potential for tourism development. Figures cited by tourism experts showed that 70 percent to 80 percent of the 3.5 million foreign tourists that came to the country rarely ventured farther than Moscow, St. Petersburg and perhaps the Golden Ring. So, if you really want to get a taste of Russia, come here, the Real Siberia.

Reindeer sledding,ice fishing,bear hunting,arctic night camping are among things to do here.

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