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Civil War in Steilacoom

We all agree that our state is a great place to live and play. Every day something interesting, unexpected, exiting is happening here. There is no shortage of events that take place in our state, county or even our own neighborhood. There is always something for everybody. How do you spend your week ends ?

One of the great resources is http://www.wfea.org/ , where you can find festivals and events for all types- outdoorsmen, artisans, social butterflies, history buffs, gourmets.

This week end Fort Steilacoom celebrated it's 160th anniversary with annual encampments re-enacting the 18th and 19th centuries, Civil War skirmishes, historical tours and more.

According to Shelly Butterfield, event coordinator for the Historic Fort Steilacoom Association, the event was expected to attract 4,000 to 5,000 spectators .On Sunday morning there were hardy 50 or so people. The crowd was so small ( mostly dog owners walking out their pets nearby ) , that for a moment I thought the event was cancelled.The admission charge was $ 5 per person. A few vendors offered a very limited choice of food - Nothern/Southern style hot dogs, hamburgers and cattlecorn. Greater depth of realism was added by the participation of members of The American Civil War Historical Re-enactment Society, who came clad in authentic 18/19th century clothes bearing authentic recreations of Civil War era. And the workshops offered insight into the music, fashion and way of life of that period. The flash of muskets firing and the sight of smoke twisting in the air in a mock battle was startling in its realism.

The fort’s anniversary celebration provides the spectators a very vivid, informative, and entertaining picture of a key period in North American history.The city holds many other annual events including the Salmon Bake, Apple Squeeze and Concerts in the Park.

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