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Hiking Granite Mountain

Hiking Granite Mountain WA

Do you have a favorite hike? 

By favorite hike, I mean the one you've done 2-3 and more times? 

What keeps you going back to the same place ? Is it the scenery? The challenge ? The proximity to your home? 

And while I understand you might have your own reasons, my reason to hike Granite Mountain for the second time was.. well ( it's kinda embarrassing ), I couldn't find it the first time 😥

That brings me to my first word of advice - read the description of the hike before you leave your house. And read it thoroughly !

Though I did have my favorite book "75 Great Hikes Seattle" the first time, all I bothered to read was the directions to the trailhead ( shame on me ). I missed the turn to Granite Mt trail, and I paid my dues...

For the first mile or so, Granite Mountain and Pratt Lake share the same trail, but at about 1.2 miles, a SIGNED intersection points you to the right in the direction of the Granite Mountain Lookout.You miss it , and you are in for a treat for a pretty long hike to the ( no less picturesque) Annette Lake or Pratt Lake ( that's the beauty of this trailhead- multiple destinations).

This time, I did see the sign, turned right and started a slow but steady ascent to the top.
I am not going to describe the trail ( you can find it in the book ), just will say that the book grades this hike:

Difficulty level- Extreme

Which brings me to my second advice- assess your fitness/hiking level before you leave your house. And one more thing - be honest about it.

Here is the reason : though this time I read about the hike ( and number one reason I chose it, was because of the difficulty level ), I doubt many people, who were hiking that morning, did the same.

I mean, I saw grandparents on the trail, families with a bunch of toddlers, dog owners and my favorite- two hikers with a map and a compass.

Let me first start with THE LATTER - LEASHED DOGS, people !!! ( that's what the trail sign says ). Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, just don't feel like being humped by them.

At about 4.3 miles, just below the final push to the top...THE BOULDER FIELD

Boulder field Granite Mountain hiking

On my way back down, a grandma, hiking to the top, asked me :" Are the boulders still there ? Will I have to scramble to the top ?" " Ahh...."

Well, actually, there is a snow trail to the right of the boulders, that goes up.
But scrambling? 
That's THE BEST PART of the hike, grandma.

Finally, families with little kids ? Seriously?

Last piece of advice. Or should I say- MY SECRET. TO AVOID ALL THAT - GO EARLY IN THE MORNING.

Happy trails !

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