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Biking adventure along the Green River Trail.

It's been already a couple months since I bought my bike, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to use it to its "fullest capacity". Even worse, just recently I found out ( there was a small label on the front of the bike ), that my bike was not a "real " mountain bike. The label says " for leisure rides only" ; not intended for downhill or free riding ". Can you imagine my disappointment ?

Well,after some time trying to get into " positive attitude", I've finally decided to make the best out of this situation.

For my leisure ride, this time, I picked the Green River Trail that winds more than 19 miles from Cecil Moses Park near Seattle’s south boundary to North Green River Park in south Kent near Auburn. Since the trail connects to the Interurban Trail, it can be accessed from many different spots. I biked the Tukwila portion of the Green River Trail in the Southcenter, and accessed it at the east side of the Costco parking lot.

My opinion:

Good: -wide, level-to-gentle paved trail;somewhat scenery (the river is almost always in sight );frequent places to rest and enjoy the "view "; several street crossings, but very safe.

: -office parks and commercial warehouses don't really give you the sense of privacy and "one with universe " type of feelings.Popularity among office workers/hikers, who strongly believe that the trail was specifically designed for their use ( " Cyclists, get out of my way" ),made me feel outcast ( you people, hurt my cyclist feelings).

Views of Downtown Seattle

Wildlife on the Duwamish River

Just like on any other "bike journey", I was destined to find my piece of paradise. This little trip awarded me with a great picture of downtown Seattle at the end, and the discovery of the Turning Basin Habitat Restoration Project designed to restore habitat at a former industrial property on the Duwamish River, and provide migrating salmon and other Puget Sound wildlife with places to rest, feed and flourish.



Steve said...

I like the wheels on that bike! Attention grabbing which is a good thing because that will make you safer on the road.

M. said...

I appreciate your descriptive post of this trail. I work close to the Tukwila portion of the trail and am asked often about it. I've walked a portion of the trail but not biked the length of it. Good post. Glad I stumbled on your blog. I'll share your entry with some of my coworkers who are also asked questions about the trail.