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Chase a tornado in Tornado Alley.

Have you ever been fascinated by a natural disaster - storm, tsunami, hurricane...tornado ? Want to get up close and personal ? Than join Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, the world's premiere and top rated storm chasing tour company in Tornado Alley.

Although Tornado Alley is generally considered to be in the areas of the Central United States, no official definition of the term has actually been produced by the National Weather Service. The most common definition of Tornado Alley is the location where the strongest tornadoes occur most frequently. In the United States, that location is from northern Texas, northward through western Oklahoma and Kansas, through eastern Colorado, up through Nebraska, and into southeastern South Dakota, southern Minnesota and western Iowa.

Lucky for us (or not) we (Washingtonians) don't have this "fascinating Nature's Miracle". So if you want to catch a glimpse of a major tornado, from its formative stages through maturity and dissipation, book this 6 days/7 nights "thrilling storm chasing vacation".

So, basically, for 6 days you'll be travelling across a number of states throughout the Great Plains in "the most highly equipped chase SUV" trying to find tornadoes and severe storms, get as close as possible and... take a picture.

The company guarantees " the maximum tornado experience and the pictures you'll take will be out of this world".

What they don't guarantee is that....
you will see a tornado because they happen on 25 to 30% of tours, but we can say that you will have a great experience seeing great storm structure and the beautiful scenery of the Plains.

But either way, get ready to pay $ 2600 for this " truly an amazing experience".

Call me a wuss, but I think some of Mother Nature's beauties should be admired from the comfort of your home.

On the second thought...what the hell... I want to go!


Mary said...

I'm a wuss. I live in tornado alley, and have had to hide in the bathtub during tornado warnings. We have lots of tornadoes in Louisiana and no shelters because of the water table. I'll pass on this adventure.

ExtraHyperActive said...

Mary, you disappoint me. People pay $2600 to go on those adventures, while you are hiding in your bathtub.

Mary said...

LOL. Give me the $2,600 and I'll do a road trip up your way. I don't mind a little rain, snow or inactive volcanoes, but I've seen enough of the tornadoes.