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Four Washington's "best" adventure towns.

This time , it's not up to me to pick. These four towns were chosen by National Geographic Adventure magazine as "the best adventure towns " in Washington sate: Leavenworth, Wenatcheee, Bellingham, Eastsound (Orcas Island).

From a magazine like NG Adventure, I actually expected more than: first of all- repeating itself ( they've mentioned Leavenworth before), and second- suggesting "the best adventure town" based on an advertising brochure ( even the picture was taken from there; very original!).

But it's true, Leavenworth is the BEST ! All year round. Honestly, I can't think about a single outdoor activity , that you can't do in that area. Can you ? What was new to me, was the fact that you could actually jump (!) off that ski jump. This summer, when I was there, the ski tower didn't look too good ( I was afraid even to walk on it, as it was missing parts). So, I would need more info on that.

They named Wenatchee, "the gateway to Washington’s best rock routes", with the Peshastin Pinnacles State Park, as the best spot to "hone your climbing skills". The park is, actually, between Leavenworth and Wenatchee, and calling it "Wenatchee's" is a bit too much. Wenatchee ( in my opinion) is more famous for it's mountain biking in the summer-Devil's Gulch, Boundary Butte, Mission Ridge trails, the famous Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail. In winter -skiing and snowboarding at Mission Ridge.

I, also, wouldn't agree Bellingham to be a " paddling town first". Bellingham ( and surrounding area) is another perfect example ( kind of like Leavenworth are, plus ocean/bay) of "outdoor diversity"- 50/50. Where 50% -water sports (ocean kayaking in the Bellingham Bay; whitewater on the Nooksack river), and another 50% - land ( hiking, biking, skiing, mountaineering).

And finally, Eastsound ( why can't you just call it Orcas Island ? Cause ,that's what it is). While it's a good island to explore, it's not the one we have in mind, when we talk about the Sun Juan Islands, and especially whale watching. Yes, Orcas island has Mt Constitution (yes, amazing views, challenging biking to the top ) and Turtleback Mountain Preserve ( honestly, didn't see anything special), but that's pretty much it.

So, NG Adventure -two good picks and two...not so good. Get your facts straight next time, and please, pretty please, start being original.

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