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How to Get Started Paddleboarding

Summer is just around the corner in Washington state ( yeah, right, it's June 4th, and it's been raining hard for the past two weeks ), which means we'll have limited time to enjoy nice, sunny weather. If you haven't had a chance to try SUPing ( Stand Up Paddleboarding ) last summer, give it a shot this year.

It's fun, easy to learn, and you don't have to be " a surfing dude " to learn this relatively new ( at least to our state ) water sport. As a matter of fact, I haven't met too many young kids with paddleboards. My theory is that this sport is not exactly for " young and dangerous ". An average board cost about $ 800 +, plus $ 100 for a paddle.

The cheapest alternative I've found so far is Hydro-Force Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
for under $ 200 (!).

If you are still not sure whether SUP ( stand up paddling ) is for you, watch this short introduction video from REI and get expert advice from the article below:


Unknown said...

I see people on these boards paddle by the Browns Point light house area near Tacoma. Enjoyed reading this post and the video.

ExtraHyperActive said...

There will be a free demo of paddleboarding in June and July there. Would you like to give it a try ?

It's really easy to learn and a lot of fun !