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The most beautiful freediving video

Freediving is any of various aquatic activities that share the practice of breath-hold underwater diving.
You needn’t be an athlete to enjoy freediving because the sport is more about mind-set, technique and correct weighting than strength. Your goal is to join the water, rolling with the gentle sea surface, never fighting it.

While recreational freediving is very exciting, it can also be a dangerous sport if one does not have proper training.

An interesting fact that I found out about training:
An important part of the training is in invoking the mammalian dive reflex, one that every human inherited from their evolutionary ancestors. This reflex allows one to significantly lower their heart rate (bradycardia), shift their blood flow to the core (blood shunt) and even reduce lung compression effects at great depths (thoracic filling). In addition, the training emphasizes significant physical, physiological and psychological tolerance as well as physical conditioning.
The video below literally put my breath on hold. To read more about it, please visit ExtremeSports4u.com

But for now, please enjoy this beautiful video:

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