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Hiking Mt Washington

Last weekend the temperature was in high 80'... 

Hiking in that heat was the last option on my "things to do" list, and my original plan was to go rock climbing at a small climbing area called "Amazonoia". 

It's a steep crag hidden "somewhere " in the trees along the Mt Washington trail with routes between 5.9 and 5.11c.

Long story short, the climbing area is so "hidden ", that I somehow missed it...and hiked all the way to the top of Mt Washington.

Since I was pretty pissed off, I can't really tell much about the hike. One thing for sure, if you don't know about this trail, it's kind of hard to find ( you can visit WTA site to get more details ).

The difficulty level, I'd say moderately difficult ( probably because it was the first time I was hiking with 20 lbs backpack). The scenery ? Not a whole lot. Unlike hikes like Mailbox or Granite Mountain, Mt Washington doesn't offer those beautiful 360 degree views.

Half way to the top, the trail splits: one way - to Mt Washington, another-to Great Wall ( which I didn't really have enough energy to explore).

If you are looking for more hikes along I-90 corridor, check out "Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region" by A. Nelson

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