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Paragliding Over Grand Canyon video

For some people it's not enough just to drive to Grand Canyon National Park, take a walk to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, snap a few pictures, and call it "adventure". Or take one of those sightseeing flights, and later tell their friends " I've seen the whole Grand Canyon"...For some people even the rigorous 7 day Rim-to-Rim Hike is not a challenge.

One of those people is Will Gadd, who's won every major ice-climbing competition and holds the distance world record in paragliding.

In 2007 the Discovery Channel presented Fearless Planet, a six-episode documentary hosted by Will Gadd. He traveled to the most amazing locations in the world —Alaska, the Sahara, Hawaii, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon - and did... well, what didn't he do ?!

In the biggest, most dangerous stunt of the series, Gadd flies across the Grand Canyon using just the power of the massive thermal lift generated by the intense temperatures formed deep within the canyon.

The first time I wrote about Will, was in my post about him climbing icebergs in the Labrador Sea.
I've been following his blog " Gravsports " since then.

If you've missed Fearless Planet series, you know where to get it:

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