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Have you visited Hells Canyon ?

For 10 years I've lived in Washington state, I've traveled a lot around our state, I've been on a lot of great adventures, but I still haven't come close to "seen it all, done it all". There are still a lot of " white spots " on the Washington map ( for me).

The whole Southeast ( the Palouse and Snake River County) is unknown and unexplored ( by me).

I stumbled upon Stephen Penland's Photo blog, and after looking at just a few pictures, the decision was made: I have to see it myself ! The views are absolutely gorgeous !

But you know me. Driving for 5 hours just to enjoy the beautiful scenery is not for me. I need more than that, I need action, memories, experiences...

Camping at Palouse Falls State Park has been on my "to-do list " for some time.

But my main destination would be Hells Canyon. My spring climbing trip to Vantage/Frenchman Coulee left a great impression on me, and since I haven't been able to plan a trip to Grand Canyon, this might be a good alternative ( actually, they say that Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in North America !).

After visiting Hells Canyon's Visitor Bureau web site, a few adventures caught my attention: jet boat tours, rafting, paragliding and, what I'd really love to try,- ballooning !

I haven't worked out all the details yet, but I'll be planning my trip for the second week of September. If everything works out, it should be a great road trip !


Unknown said...

I travel to Palouse a few times a year to visit family. You'll like Steptoe Butte. Great view!

ExtraHyperActive said...

Like it ? I already love it ! You won't see anything like that in Western/North Washington !