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I think snowskates are a lot of fun for everybody, and it's a good alternative to snowboarding. Snowskates are designed to be used anywhere you have snow - your backyard, a golf course, a small hill, anywhere. If there's snow outside, you can snowskate.

The reason I only find it a "good" alternative is because, personally, I found it more difficult to use a snowskate comparing to a snowboard. Since snowsktes are like mini snowboards without bindings, it was hard for me to get used to "bindings- free riding", and as I hadn't been on a skateboard for a long time, it was a real challenge to keep my balance.

There two major types of snowskates : bi-level and snowdeck.

Landyachtz Sunrise Complete Snowskate 2017 New

Bi- level snowskate

Ambition Snowskate Snowdeck

Snowdeck is basically your regular skateboard without wheels. They have P-Tex no-wax bottom to make them fast for sliding on snow and boxes. One of their drawbacks - they don't have edges like snowboards which makes it especially hard to stop. Also, for this very reason they are not allowed on chairlifts.

I used Premier Baron Snowskate.  Even comparing to the shortest snowboard, this snowskate is really "tiny" ( about 33' ) with even shorter ski blade. And this is its major problem. When the snow is relatively deep ( may be 2-3'), the blade tends to get stuck in the snow.

What I loved about snowskates was that it created a totally new experience ! "Bindings- free riding" is a combination of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Another reason I like 'em is because they don't have bindings, you don't have to waste your time sitting in the snow and strapping 'em up.

Next time snow blankets Seattle, you can just pick up a snowskate and take it outside, with no gearing up or driving to the mountain.

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Anonymous said...

Bi-deck snowskates now come in all sorts of sizes that are easier to ride all-mountain than the tiny Artecs. Try Predog Snowskate - they've got several sizes, including a big swallowtail powder board.