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Time to upgrade your surfboard and kayak to something Hi-Tech

Last year I wrote about the introduction of the PowerSki Jetboard, which made surfing accessible to not only diehard surfers, but also to "general public". And this year, it looks like other motor powered water toys are taking the world by storm.

This year, Surfango Inc., a New Jersey company that specializes in adding motors to human or nature-powered aquatic recreation toys, came up with two fun and amazing toys : Powersurf FX, a powered surfboard and Adventurer, a powered kayak.

I'd like to add this toy to my collection ( I'm even willing to get rid of my surfboard and kayak ), but couldn't find the price for none of those toys.
Surfango Inc. has a local dealer in Shelton, WA ...but unfortunately their web site is inaccessible.

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