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Tandem Whitewater Kayaking

Tandem recreational kayaking is a great way to spend some quality time on the water ! Unlike a single kayak you are able to bond with your passenger, learn to work together as a team, and enjoy each other’s company. Tandem kayaks are great for family bonding; you can guide your family as your significant other and child enjoy the scenery or fishing.

Tandem sea kayaks allow you to paddle faster, cover longer distances, and feel safer in rough sea waters. People with little or no experience of paddling a kayak can find comfort sharing a set with more experienced paddlers. Those never having spent a time in a kayak you can paddle out in the ocean surf accompanied by an experienced tour guide with confidence.

But what about whitewater kayaking ?

From my personal experience, I found whitewater kayaking to be more intimidating, harder to learn, and more dangerous than recreational, and sea kayaking. And until recently, there were no tandem whitewater kayaks.

But in 2009 the infamous Jackson Kayaks introduced the Dynamic Duo !

According to their site:
“The Dynamic Duo will be a great way to introduce Class I or II boaters to Class III water with confidence,” ...Dynamic Duo may prove to be a new way for outfitters to offer a private guided experience to the most adrenaline addicted rafting clients... Dubbed Africa’s newest extreme sport, a number of outfitters offer tandem kayak trips on Africa’s legendary Class V Zambezi and Nile rivers, pairing experienced kayak guides with “no experience necessary” tourists. The craze has spread to Class V stretches of the Kaituna River on New Zealand’s north island."
If you’re a beginner, this looks like a good way to learn the ropes, and who knows , may be after a few months in a tandem with a good paddler you’ll be ready to go alone with confidence and the skills necessary to keep up:

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