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Land Paddling on Interurban Trail

When you're landlocked, land paddling is a great choice to get your surf/SUP fix. No need to drive for three hours to the coast, depend on NW ( unreliable ) swell forecast, load/unload your board, or even get wet...Just grab your longboard, Kahuna Big Stick and head out to the nearest bike trail.

I happen to live close by Interurban trail, and on a nice sunny day it's a blast to go land paddling...

Land paddling is a great sport to add to your cross-training plan. I already wrote about fitness benefits of land paddling, but for me it's also the most exciting workout I've come across so far.

My choice of board is Gravity 55" ED ECONOMY , the baddest and "longest" cruiser longboard out there. This thing is a tank that handles like a Ferarri and gives you a great smooth surflike sensation. Even long enough for "tandem longboarding"...

So if you've ever daydreamed about learning how to surf or SUP, land-stand-up-paddling is a great, affordable and easy way to get started !

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