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Snow Paddling With Kahuna Snow Stick

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If you've been following my blog, you know that since recently I've been pretty obsessed with land paddling.

I think it's an awesome, fun and very effective cardio and full body workout. And it wouldn't be possible without Kahuna Big Stick invented by Kahuna Creations, a Hawaiian company famous for its longboards, surfboards, and of course, the Land Paddle.

But recently they came up with a new "invention" - Kahuna Creations Snow Stick

From Kahuna Creations website :
The Kahuna Snow Grip is used for snowboarding, and can be popped on any land paddling Kahuna Stick you already have, making it a functional, interchangeable piece of year-roundequipment. 
When the mountain levels out, snowboarders used to have to hop, jump, or kick off a binding just to get through the flat sections. Kahuna Snow Stick riders easily paddle through the flats and carve it up all over the mountain.
This is amazing for advanced snowboarders that want deeper carves. A Snow Stick also brings a world of entirely new possibilities in terrain parks.
This is another completely original sport by Kahuna Creations, but honestly, we can’t figure out why it hasn’t been done before. We worked with incredible engineers to create the perfect Snow Grip even in the worst snow conditions. Any snowboarder, new or advanced can appreciate the need for a Kahuna Snow Stick. 

Even though we didn't have a chance to try out the Snow Grip, we had tons of fun using our Kahuna Haka with snowskates ! Read our full story here...

The Innovative sk8pole Sends Land Paddling Into A New Generation !

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Why pay more to slip when you can pay less for grip !

The road grip multi-directional rubber pusher tip of the sk8pole kills the competition !

Let's face it. When it comes to land paddling it all comes down to the point of contact. Road grip and surface area convert into velocity forward. The patented sk8pole rubber pusher tip is in a class by itself. The pusher tip maintains 100% ground contact throughout the entire push motion creating maximum speed. Other tips wear out, slip, or just don't work ( can you say Kahuna Big Stick ?)

As for the shaft ? Why not go with 6061 Aluminum? Light, strong and affordable.

You can literally skate for miles without ever touching the ground with your foot. Also, the combination of kicking, pumping and sk8poling will give you a workout, and cover distances you never imagined.

Will Your Kids Like Land Paddling ?

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Land paddling is a fast growing board sport. And though, it hasn't gained as much popularity as SUP ( stand up paddleboarding ), there are more and more people of all ages that try this new "action sport".

Land paddling is equally fun for kids and adults. As a matter of fact, several schools in Hawaii do land paddling in gym classes.

100's of school (High School, Middle Schools and some Elementary schools) have introduced Kahuna Creations' land paddling to the students.  Students, parents, teachers and administrators love it for many reasons including:
  • "Exercising by disguise" Students love landpaddling and get a great workout.
  • Incentive. Teachers are able to use landpaddling as a reward for good behavior because the students absolutely love it.
  • Super easy for teachers to get started and begin landpaddling in school (see curriculum)
  • Safe.  Much safer than skateboarding because of the land paddle.  Landpaddling keeps the students from falling by centering themselves on the board and learning to paddle. If the student is about to fall, they are able to catch themselves with the paddle.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use.  Great for use on an outdoor playground or safe for inside in the gymnasium or lunch room.  Floor friendly
  • Reach all students.  It is truly incredible that the boys and girls really love it.  Students that typically do not participate absolutely love land paddling.
  • Great cross training for paddleboarding and gives a great upper body workout.
Paddling with a stick provides more stability, and feel a lot more in control. It also helps students strengthen their core, build lean muscle, learn balance, and gain confidence.

Educators, schools and their families can get incredible discounts to help introduce the products into your school. For more details, check out Kahuna's article here...


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Today, January 5th, we were closer to the Sun than we will be any other day this year!
When 2012 began on January 1, our planet Earth was very close to its perihelion – its closest point to the sun for the year. In 2012, Earth will be closest to the sun on Thursday, January 5 at 1 hour Universal Time (UT). Translating UT to Central Time in the United Sates, perihelion happens today, on Wednesday, January 4, at 7:00 p.m.

Don't know about you, but I was pretty stoked ! After a few days of miserable rain, seeing the sun again was exciting...though, to be fair, in Seattle, seeing the sun any day of the year is pretty exciting :)

Made me happy:)...decided to take advantage of this sunny weather to go land paddling on Interurban:

Land Paddling on Interurban Trail

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When you're landlocked, land paddling is a great choice to get your surf/SUP fix. No need to drive for three hours to the coast, depend on NW ( unreliable ) swell forecast, load/unload your board, or even get wet...Just grab your longboard, Kahuna Big Stick and head out to the nearest bike trail.

I happen to live close by Interurban trail, and on a nice sunny day it's a blast to go land paddling...

Land paddling is a great sport to add to your cross-training plan. I already wrote about fitness benefits of land paddling, but for me it's also the most exciting workout I've come across so far.

My choice of board is Gravity 55" ED ECONOMY , the baddest and "longest" cruiser longboard out there. This thing is a tank that handles like a Ferarri and gives you a great smooth surflike sensation. Even long enough for "tandem longboarding"...

So if you've ever daydreamed about learning how to surf or SUP, land-stand-up-paddling is a great, affordable and easy way to get started !

Longboarding With Big Kahuna Stick

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Longboarding is all about gliding on the pavement- and looking good while doing it. But the "extreme" version of longboarding, downhill riding is exhilarating and difficult. That's why you need to know your limits and stay within it.

Last week, while enjoying one of my "casual rides" down BPA trail, I forgot about my limits and as a result...

So, for some time, I am going to stick to cruising, riding around and just having a good time.

If you've never been on a longboard ( or even skateboard ), you probably don't know that longboarding can also be a great workout ( without even feeling like a workout). Besides the cardiovascular benefit, longboarding provides a great workout for your core and lower body ( after pushing your board for 30-45 min, your calves are on fire ! literally...look at the picture above :)). Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of upper body involvement.

I recently found out about "Land Paddling" , which promises to change that.
Land Paddling with the Kahuna Big Stick will help you get into incredible shape. Depending on the rider and intensity level, up to 800-1,000 calories can be burned in an hour. You can have great confidence on a board with the control and breaking capabilities the Kahuna Big Stick brings. Most importantly, you can have the most fun you have ever had on a board while using the completely unique Kahuna Big Stick.

I haven’t done this, but I could definitely see myself trying, perhaps one day. It looks like it could be a great workout while having some fun too.

Some people join gyms. Some people go on jogs/runs to get exercise. Others ride their bikes. Don't be "some people". Be different! Be fun !