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Will Your Kids Like Land Paddling ?

Land paddling is a fast growing board sport. And though, it hasn't gained as much popularity as SUP ( stand up paddleboarding ), there are more and more people of all ages that try this new "action sport".

Land paddling is equally fun for kids and adults. As a matter of fact, several schools in Hawaii do land paddling in gym classes.

100's of school (High School, Middle Schools and some Elementary schools) have introduced Kahuna Creations' land paddling to the students.  Students, parents, teachers and administrators love it for many reasons including:
  • "Exercising by disguise" Students love landpaddling and get a great workout.
  • Incentive. Teachers are able to use landpaddling as a reward for good behavior because the students absolutely love it.
  • Super easy for teachers to get started and begin landpaddling in school (see curriculum)
  • Safe.  Much safer than skateboarding because of the land paddle.  Landpaddling keeps the students from falling by centering themselves on the board and learning to paddle. If the student is about to fall, they are able to catch themselves with the paddle.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use.  Great for use on an outdoor playground or safe for inside in the gymnasium or lunch room.  Floor friendly
  • Reach all students.  It is truly incredible that the boys and girls really love it.  Students that typically do not participate absolutely love land paddling.
  • Great cross training for paddleboarding and gives a great upper body workout.
Paddling with a stick provides more stability, and feel a lot more in control. It also helps students strengthen their core, build lean muscle, learn balance, and gain confidence.

Educators, schools and their families can get incredible discounts to help introduce the products into your school. For more details, check out Kahuna's article here...

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