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Brdige Day 2011 Video: BASE Jumper Survives 876 feet Drop

I learned about Bridge Day a few years ago, and shared my excitement about its celebration in this post.

Yesterday I was shocked to find out that this year's celebration had a horrible accident:
Christopher Ryan Brewer, 27, of Pensacola, Fla., was among hundreds of BASE jumpers who parachuted from the New River Gorge Bridge during Saturday's annual festival. Emergency officials said Brewer's parachute didn't fully open and he plunged into the New River.
"Lucky" for him, he "walked away" with a pelvic fracture, lung injuries and a spine injury. Right now, Brewer remains in stable condition at a Charleston hospital.

The Register-Herald reports emergency responders estimate Brewer struck the water at a speed between 60 and 80 mph, and that his wingsuit, designed to allow a jumper to glide forward instead of falling straight down, may have helped slow his descent.

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