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What Is Bouldering ?

Bouldering is defined as: One of the purest forms of climbing, with no ropes or other protection and normally limited to very short climbs over a crash pad. It is typically practiced on large natural boulders or artificial boulders in gyms and outdoor urban areas.

At fist glance, bouldering doesn't look like "real" climbing. The fact of the matter is that bouldering is a great way to advance one’s climbing ability without concern for equipment, climbing partners or even specific routes. A climber can, through bouldering, work on developing strength, technique, endurance, and memory.

Bouldering is a very social sport. A lot of bouldering is just hanging around a rock "solving problems". Boulder routes are most commonly referred to as "problems," because the nature of the climb is often short, curious, and much like problem solving.

One of the major appeals of bouldering is its relatively scant equipment requirements. You don't need ropes or any technical gear; all you need is a crash pad, some rock shoes, a chalk bag and a friend to spot you.

Though bouldering is considered to be very beginner friendly, it heavily relies on proper climbing techniques. Even though people may think bouldering to be tough, it's not, if you use the proper bouldering tips and techniques.

Central Washington is jamed-packed with quality granite boulders. Central Washington Bouldering: Leavenworth and Gold Bar guide book offers detailed description of more than 500 problems in Leavenworth and roughly 150 in Gold Bar. Specific beta,detailed maps,and dozens of rich images will get you psyched.

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