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Indoor Mountain Biking

After my last mountain biking trip, I haven't taken my mountain bike "off rode" again. Part of it because it was just not that exciting enough for me. Another part was the hassle of driving, finding a trail, a long, slow slog up the mountain, sharing the trail with other ( not happy to see you ) users...it was just not worth the time and effort.

But what are the options ?

Sure we have Stevens Bike Park now, and Whistler is just 3 hours away ( at least there you won't have to "work for your stoke" by riding your bike up the mountain ). But those are closed during winter.

You can hit Colonnade Bike Park during wet season, but even that it pretty small and cramped up.

I wish it was some place close by, big enough to fit a variety of obstacles, warm and open year round...Like Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland.

The park is in an abandoned WWII-era parachute factory, and features a diverse collection of wooden ramps, drops, jumps, bowls, teeters, and skinnies. Over the past seven years the park has become an off-season destination for many North American mountain bikers.

As a matter of fact, it's become so popular that recently, Ray Petro ( the owner ) opened a second 110,000 square feet location on the outskirts of Milwaukee.

Both parks have bi-level XC loops ( so you can cruise around without getting wet and muddy ), all the jumps and drop you can take, and whenever you are ready to catch some air there’s also a foam pit on hand for when you’re finally ready to give that 360 a go.

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