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Planning Your Wenatchee/Leavenworth Winter Escape

Celebrating Christmas or New Year has been a long family tradition for us, and Leavenworth is the perfect place to capture the magic of the Christmas season.

Unfortunately, this time of the year is also the craziest to visit this town. During holidays tens of thousands of people visit Leavenworth every year. For a small town it gets pretty crowded. Even finding a reasonably priced hotel becomes a hassle.

That's why this year, we decided to stay in Wenatchee ( which is about 30 minutes from Leavenworth ).

North Central Washington has long been one of my favorite regions in Washington State.

Leavenworth, Cashimier, Wenatchee, Chelan, Winthrop are great little adventure hubs with numerous outdoor opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoesing and more.

This year will be our first year visiting Wenatchee in winter. I'm super stoked to go skiing at Mission Ridge for the first time ! I've also checked out Wenatchee Visitors Bureau web site, but unfortunately didn't find any useful up-to-date information.

Just hope to catch at least one of those "300 Days of Sunshine" :)

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