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Scuba Diving The Underwater Museum in Cancun

Since the first time I heard about Cancun's Underwater Museum, I knew I absolutely had to do that ! So, I made "Scuba Diving The Underwater Museum in Cancun" my Bucket List goal. And if you know me, you know that if I set a goal, sooner or later I always achieve it !

That was my very first dive in the Yucatan Peninsula, and though, I heard and read some negative feedback about the museum dive, for me it was an awesome dive.

Unlike in Washington, diving in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters was warm enough even without a wet suit. Visibility was amazing ! The museum is a short boat ride from Cancun and near of Isla Mujeres ( another local landmark and a popular tourist destination ).

The sculptures sit on the seafloor in water that’s only 28-feet deep. Though the museum is ideal for divers and snorkelers alike ( there is a shallow portion just for snorkelers ), I doubt the experience would be the same.

Depending on which operator you go with, prices for certified divers average between $45 and $65 USD for one-tank dives ( all gear and the boat ride included; you might have to ask for a wet suit if you think you might get cold ).

PLEASE NOTE: The sculptures were designed to become artificial reefs and were constructed from special materials which promote marine life and create areas for corals to flourish and marine creatures to breed and take refuge. The appearance of the sculptures have changed over time as the coral had grown and marine life had colonized the structures.

So don't be disappointed if you can't clearly see every single detail of every single structure.

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