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Two Places In US To Try Tandem BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is not a sport for the faint of heart or the uncommitted. It's a very dangerous and unforgiving sport, and that alone has prevented it from ever becoming mainstream. BASE jumping is one of few action/extreme sports that , till recently, has only been practiced by experienced skydivers, and mostly solo. Not anymore...

Skydiving boomed after tandem rigs were developed — “training” to be a passenger requires just 30 minutes — and there are now a half million tandem jumps in the States annually. Nobody expects tandem BASE to rival skydiving, but with a couple of fledgling operations and the ability for someone to BASE jump without the traditional 100 airplane jumps before your first BASE leap, the appeal is obvious.
Tandem BASE, the Idaho company in Twin Falls, has taken 200 people for tandem jumps. The company offers tandem jumps from the Perrine Bridge, one of the country’s most popular BASE launching pads. Jumping from a bridge is considered the safest form of BASE jumping.

But recently, another company, Moab B.A.S.E Adventures ( Utah ) opened the first earth-based commercial tandem BASE jumping operation ( jumping off cliffs ). The company is operated by climber Steph Davis and her husband Mario Richards. I posted a video of Steph climbing a huge stand alone rock, and then jumping off of it ! She's a woman I'd definitely trust my life with :)...and yeah, she's hot !

Now your first parachute jump can be a base jump...

Now that BASE jumping is accessible to an Average Joe like me, I'm going to add it to my Bucket List :)

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