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Riding Slickrock

The Slickrock Trail is The Mountain Bike Trail that put Moab on the adventure travel map. The trail made Moab the center of the mountain biking universe, and it's one of the most unique rides I've ridden so far ( well, that and the Bonneville Salt Flats ).

Since the first time I saw a picture of a biker in Moab, it's become an iconic image associated with mountain biking for me ! I knew that one day I'd absolutely have to do that !

The best thing I loved about the trail is that it was only minutes away from downtown Moab.

I read a lot about how popular and , sometimes, overcrowded the trail becomes, but to my surprise when I got there - it was all to myself ! Not a soul in sight ( except for the sounds of 4x4's in the distance ).

The trail is 12 miles long, with lot's of ups and downs, add to this the fact that I was riding in the middle of July, during the hottest part of the day - it was pretty exhausting ! But was totally worth it !

Besides the beautiful scenery, the feeling of riding on the (Navajo) sandstone can not be described ! You have to try it yourself !

There is a lot of info about this trail, and very often it's categorized as "technical/advanced". My advice - don't get overwhelmed, just go and try it for yourself. There is a "Practice Loop" (approximately 2 miles) which is well marked, and, though challenging, can be done by anybody.

If you're visiting Moab, biking on the Slickrock Trail is one of  "must do adventures"...

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