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It's Time For A New Motorcycle

Following my Bucket List, little by little I've been crossing things off of it. In 2011 I got my motorcycle enforcement, and in April 2012 I bought my first bike - 1985 Honda Rebel

It was love at first sight ! I had a blast riding that bike ! It was only 250cc ( which are generally lighter and easier to maneuver, easier to balance, and less likely to get the beginning rider into trouble ), but I had tons of fun, and it was a great experience !

One of my favorite rides was to Point Defiance, its 5 mile ride was peaceful and beautiful !

But even the most romantic fairy tale comes to an end :(

The day has come to upgrade to a bigger bike.

As you might know, one of my childhood dreams was to buy my own Harley. But right now, I'm debating between a Harley and a sports bike...

I like style and comfort that Harley offers, and I love speed and thrill that most sports bikes share.

Having ADHD doesn't help to make the choice :)

I also want to try dirt biking, and, who knows, may be plan to follow Che Guevara's bike route ...

Note to myself - Re-read "The Motorcycle Diaries" )...

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