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Goodbye to 2013... It Was ... Uneventful ( Almost )

How was your 2013 ? What kind of memories have you created for yourself ? What have you achieved ?

Hope 2013 was better for you than it was for me... Since I started this blog, 2013 was the most uneventful year so far, and, as you know,  I blame myself for not writing my goals down and not planning the year ahead. 

But I can't complain that it was that bad. I had a few great moments, like:

- visited Roslyn, WA ( the unofficial "movie town of WA" )
- tried fly fishing for the first time
- did a couple gigs for Toyota
- went diving at a new spot in Washington
- went sailing ( it was awful ! )
- lived off-grid for 3 months in my Subaru
- celebrated another great birthday surfing at Westport
- had another great winter working my favorite job !

But one thing that made 2013 great and memorable for me was the time I spent with my son ! We had a few great father/son moments :

- we celebrated his 6th birthday in our favorite cabin in Leavenworth
- got to go flightseeing over our beautiful Seattle
-  picked up a new sport ( archery )
- tried skimboarding at a popular skimboarding beach in WA
- went camping, hiking and caving at Mt St Helens
- hiked Point Defiance in Tacoma
- switched to a BMX bike and electric scooter
- chilled ( a lot !  ) at a local waterpark during summer

So looking back, I can honestly say : "I'm blessed, and 2013 wasn't that bad" :)

It's crazy how all that happened in just one year !

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