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Money Doesn't Buy Happiness...But It Does Buy A Wave Runner...And It's Pretty Close

"Money doesn't buy happiness."
"Uh, do you live in America? 'Cause it buys a WaveRunner. Have you ever seen a sad person on a WaveRunner? Have you? Seriously, have you? Try to frown on a WaveRunner. You can't! They're so awesome, it's just throttle. People smile as they hit the pier. Because you forget, you need gas to turn. It goes against your natural instincts. Some of you aren't laughing; we all miss your cousin, but not laughing's not gonna bring him back. He's dead for a reason. He was a show-off, and he tried to spray us. "I didn't wanna get wet!" I yelled at his mother at the funeral. " ~ Daniel Tosh
Since summer in Seattle lasts for only 2- 2.5 months, I've always thought that owning a jet ski ( or a boat ) was impractical. Besides, honestly, I've never considered jet skiing to be fun. Well, may be I was just doing it wrong...

After watching the video below, I'm seriously considering buying one !

Check out the video of Freestyle Jet Ski champion Ant Burgess showing off his amazing skills ! Without the aid of jumps, waves, or a fleet of extreme seahorses pushing his jet ski from under the surface, Ant Burgess goes from standstill to flipped in a split second.

By the way, did you know there was the difference between a Waverunner and a jet ski ?

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