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Land Paddling : Which Land Paddle To Choose ?

Kahuna Creations was the original master mind/creator of a land paddle. Nowadays, there are dozens of companies that sell land paddles which makes it kind of hard to chose from.

When you're looking to buy your first land paddle, there are just a few criteria that you have to look for : 
  • what type of material it's made of 
  • length 
  • type of  grip/blade 
  • collapsible or one piece
  • price
And finally,  color/design preference, and brand name ( if you consider yourself to be a brand slave ).

My very first paddle was Kahuna Original with their very first original round rubber blade. Personally, I loved that paddle ! Make too much, may be I was just too excited to get a new "boy toy".  

The paddle was made out of quality light wood, with comfortable T-grip, and replaceable rubber blade. I wouldn't say I paddled a lot ( may be once - twice a week ), but that paddle served me for a long time ! I had tons of fun ( not to mention all the attention I got every time I'd go riding ! ), and later, I even managed to sell it for half of the original price on Craigslist. 

Besides, back then, I really had nothing to compare it with ( other than home-made paddles made by those who couldn't afford a brand new one ).

Nowadays, there are dozen of companies that compete for the right to be called "The Best Land Paddle".

The customers have changed too. Now there are more "hard core paddlers" that have pretty high standards for their toys. Some want more flex from their paddles, other durability for shafts and blades, and yet, even more, make their choices based on a price.  

I just recently add two more paddles to my collection - Kahuna's Haka, and Sk8Pole 

Again, I don't paddle that much ( it's summer time in Pacific Northwest ! time for surfing and kiteboarding ! ), so I haven't really had a chance to compare these two.  Hope to get out more, and will write a short review about my experience.

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