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How To Start Online Travel & Fitness Business With Wix.com

I my previous posts I wrote about how you can use Blogger.com and Wordpress.com to create your wown FREE travel & fitness blog.

In those posts/videos I talked about why those platforms are considered to be for "amateurs", what makes travel & fitness blogs based on Blogger and Wordpress look unprofessional, and how to change it.

In this post/video, I want to recommend you another great, and what is more important, FREE platform called wix.com

Just like Blogger and Wordpress, wix.com is looked down upon by "professonal bloggers" and "online marketers". The main reasons are : it's too easy to use ( ?! ), and websites/blog created with wix.com look unprofessional...

Well, of course, they give you many other reasons why you shouldn't use wix.com for your first site/blog. Like this "article" -  "5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Wix for Your Website"... written by a "blogger" who ... actually never used wix.com personally. More than that, when she published her original blog post in 2014, wix.com was still in its infancy, so-to-say, work in progress. Later on, a rep from wix.com contacted her to give their rebuttals ( which, at least, she had dicency to publish ). And despite every single point he made, in the end she still wrote " don't use wix"...

When you're just getting started, you WILL read/hear this a lot : "Don't use free blogging platforms/web building sites !"

Why do all those people say that ? Let me get you in on a secret - there is no such thing as "unbiased online opinion". And if you stick around long enough, you'll learn why.

Meanwhile, check out this video to learn more about wix.com, and have a look at a few great travel & fitness websites/blogs created with wix.com :

Ready to start your first travel & fitness business

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