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How To Start Online Travel & Fitness Business With Wix.com

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I my previous posts I wrote about how you can use Blogger.com and Wordpress.com to create your wown FREE travel & fitness blog.

In those posts/videos I talked about why those platforms are considered to be for "amateurs", what makes travel & fitness blogs based on Blogger and Wordpress look unprofessional, and how to change it.

In this post/video, I want to recommend you another great, and what is more important, FREE platform called wix.com

Just like Blogger and Wordpress, wix.com is looked down upon by "professonal bloggers" and "online marketers". The main reasons are : it's too easy to use ( ?! ), and websites/blog created with wix.com look unprofessional...

How To Start A Travel & Fitness Blog With Wordpress.com

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Wordpress.com is a great way to start your first travel & fitness blog ! It's easy to use,
you can manage your website from any computer/mobile phone, no HTML editing or FTP software required, search engines love WordPress sites, your site can grow as your business grows, but the most important -it's FREE !

The downside of this blogging platform being free is that many people take it for granted, and treat it as a hobby, rather than a potential online business with the opportunity to grow. Most people use both blogger.com and wordpress.com for "personal blogging" - they don't really plan to make money from blogging, and do it just for fun. 

Starting your first blog as a hobby, and as something new to learn, and to have fun with, is a great way to get started ! When you're just getting started with fitness & travel blogging, your first priority should be to see if blogging, and running your own online business in general, is something you'd want to do long term. Unlike popular belief - "build it and they'll come" - blogging requires a lot of time and dedication. Especially in the beginning, when there is many new things to learn.

How To Fly A Trainer Kite

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To learn the basics of flying kites for kite boarding you don't have to be on or near the water. When starting, 80% of the skills required to kiteboard are in controlling the kite. You need to learn to control your power source (the kite) before you can learn to ride the board successfully
The first step is to become proficient in flying a trainer kite.

I bought my first trainer kite from Craigslist for $50 before I even knew what a trainer kite was. Lucky fro me, I happened to buy one of the best trainer kites out there - Slingshot B3.

Trainer kites come in three types: 2/3/4 lines. Typically the smaller kites come with just 2 lines and the more powerful kites (over 3m) come with 3 or 4 lines. In terms of flying, a 2-line kite flies just as well as a 3 or 4-line. The benefit of a 2-line kite is that the lines never really get tangled, where the benefit of a 3 or 4-line kite is the ability to relaunch the kite after it crashes. To relaunch a 2-line kite you'll need to walk back to the kite and put it in the correct position ( very important ! ).

My Slingshot B3 was a breeze to learn to fly and control. I am happy I didn't waste $100 for a land/ground course. It took me literally less than an hour "to master" flying this kite.