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How To Start A Travel & Fitness Blog With Wordpress.com

Wordpress.com is a great way to start your first travel & fitness blog ! It's easy to use,
you can manage your website from any computer/mobile phone, no HTML editing or FTP software required, search engines love WordPress sites, your site can grow as your business grows, but the most important -it's FREE !

The downside of this blogging platform being free is that many people take it for granted, and treat it as a hobby, rather than a potential online business with the opportunity to grow. Most people use both blogger.com and wordpress.com for "personal blogging" - they don't really plan to make money from blogging, and do it just for fun. 

Starting your first blog as a hobby, and as something new to learn, and to have fun with, is a great way to get started ! When you're just getting started with fitness & travel blogging, your first priority should be to see if blogging, and running your own online business in general, is something you'd want to do long term. Unlike popular belief - "build it and they'll come" - blogging requires a lot of time and dedication. Especially in the beginning, when there is many new things to learn.
In the video below, I demonstrate how most people start a blog on a free platform, and quit, sometimes even without writing their first blog post. 

At the same time, there are people who ignore the advice of "online gurus", and don't even bother to get a domain name for their online business, but still manage to turn their blog into a profitable business. 

In this video I also talk about why it's hard ( but not impossible ! ) to make money online running your own travel & fitness business on worpress.com platform. 

Watch the video to learn do's and don'ts of hosting your travel & fitness blog on this free web blog hosting service :

Ready to start your first travel & fitness business

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